Korea Undergraduate/graduate/high-school Science Program
Hosted by Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research, Institute for Basic Science

  1. Complete and submit the online-application form.
  2. KUSP will send an email to each applicant confirming the successful application.
  3. Once you receive the confirmation email, please send your academic transcripts and cover letter to kusp@ibs.re.kr as separate documents zipped into one file named your last name. zip.
  4. Also, please arrange for your letter of recommendation to be sent directly from the author to kusp@ibs.re.kr by the deadline.
  5. All applicants will receive an email by the middle of April informing them of the selection result.
  6. After receiving this letter, accepted students are required to send the following materials to kusp@ibs.re.kr as separate PDF documents zipped into one file named lastname.zip:
  7. Note: Only documents in English and Korean will be taken into consideration for the selection process by the KUSP Committee. For all other languages it is compulsory to attach a translation into English undersigned by the candidate.

  8. Visa Requirement
    • We strongly recommend you to contact your relevant embassy as soon as possible for information regarding your visa in accordance with the duration and nature of your stay in Korea. If you need a visa to enter Korea, it must be obtained before leaving your home country.
    • In particular, the students who get air fare reimbursement will be required to get a C3 visa. For further information of the C3 visa, please read the next section.
  9. About the C3 Visa
    • The students who get Air fare reimbursement are required to get C3 a visa. However, if your country of origin has a visa-waiver agreement with South Korea ( List of Visa Waiver contries), participating in KUSP 2016 and getting Air fare reimbursement would not require any further formalities. Otherwise, a C3 visa will be necessary.
    • Below is the common list of required documents for the C3 visa
      1. Application for Visa Issuance – Student
      2. Passport – Student
      3. Passport Size Photo 1 Copy – Student
      4. Visa Issuance Fee – Student
      5. Invitation Letter – CAPP/IBS
      6. Business Registration Certificate of IBS – CAPP/IBS
    • However, the required documents list could be slightly different depending on the Korean Embassy in the guests' country. For the precise list, we strongly recommend you to consult with the Korean embassy first. KUSP can provide the invitation letter and business registration certificate of IBS. If you need additional documents from us, please let us know at kusp@ibs.re.kr. We will send them to you as soon as possible.
    • http://www.hikorea.go.kr/pt/InfoDetailR_en.pt?categoryId=2&parentId=385&catSeq=401&showMenuId=375
    • C3 Visa Waiver Country List
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