Korea Undergraduate/graduate/high-school Science Program
Hosted by Institute for Basic Science, Korea

The primary objective of the Korea Undergraduate/Graduate/H.S. Science Program (KUSP) is to offer research opportunities to young inspiring scientists.

By joining an international team of researchers and students from all around the world, the KUSP students will have an opportunity to not only experience physics from a unique, hands-on point of view, but also to enjoy encountering different cultures.

By assisting, supporting, and giving their own inspiration to the team projects, the KUSP students will learn the spirit of collaboration, explore cutting edge science topics, and develop essential research skills.

The KUSP students' scientific contribution will assist the scientists of IBS centers in achieving their goals to maintain IBS as a local, regional, national and world-class institution on the frontier of cutting edge science.

The KUSP’s dream is to educate a new generation of scientists with no geographical boundaries, and help them understand that science is the common language in the collaboration for the well-being of humanity, regardless of the cultural differences.

Privacy policy (in Korean): https://www.ibs.re.kr/kor/sitemap_19.do

Email: kusp@ibs.re.kr