Korea Undergraduate/graduate/high-school Science Program
Hosted by Institute for Basic Science, Korea
Key Dates for Application Process

Schedule Date
Application Apr 1 (Mon), 2019 - May 7 (Tue.), 9AM KST, 2019
Student Selection Result Announcement No later than May 17 (Fri.) 6PM KST, 2019
Registration Document Submission Deadline May 27 (Mon.) 9AM KST, 2019

Program Schedules

The schedule below is tentative and may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

Majority of KUSP time will be allocated to research activities except for some special events. The KUSP students will be expected to come CAPP lab by 10AM and conduct their research until 5PM.

Schedule Date
KUSP Period July 1 (Mon.) - Aug 2 (Fri.), 2019
Accommodation Check-in June 30 (Sun.), 2019
Orientation July 1 (Mon.), 9:30AM, 2019
Welcome Dinner July 1 (Mon.), 6PM, 2019
Progress Report Deadline July 16 (Tue.), 2019
Final Report Deadline Aug 1 (Thu.), 2019
Research Presentation and Awards Aug 2 (Fri.), 9:30AM, 2019
Farewell Lunch Aug 2 (Fri.), 12:30PM, 2019
Accommodation Checkout Aug 3 (Sat.), 2019

Privacy policy (in Korean): https://www.ibs.re.kr/kor/sitemap_19.do

Email: kusp@ibs.re.kr